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Green Hills

Our Products

Handmade Tiny Houses. 


Our Bungalow

Our bungalow is designed for camping and ecological rural tourism, for off-grid living.


OUR off-line MODEL


Designed for housing & tourism and comprehend of a room & loft with a small kitchen and restroom. Built within aprox. 22m² of a tiny house (considering a loft) over a trailer structure of 6.7m by 2.55m.

Japandi 6,7
“A simple, minimalistic 1 bedroom tiny home one Bathroom.

6,7m Long | 2,55m Wide | 4.0m High
Sleeps 1-2 people - ideal as a starter home, holiday, retreat or Getaway for Airbnb.
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Japandi is also known as Scandinavian is one of the popular trends of 2021 combining Japanese and Scandinavian interiors. With its similarity to minimalist design, you should expect clean, bold elements to fill your space. It's all about having a design with clean, natural and organized features. With all the details of different trends, Japandi is the perfect illustration of the combination of function and form for the interior.



This Tiny House was inspired by the fishermen's huts of Carrasqueira, very popular in the coastal area. You will soon be able to experience the true sense of the “Love and a hut”


Our nano house

The Nano House was designed to go with you everywhere, as it is small and light. Great for working remotely, thus embracing your nomadic lifestyle.


Let's work, but just a bit!

Tiny Office ready to use on a base furnished with shelves, table and two sofas. They've got NANO CODE05 size:  4.00m x 2.55m x 2.50m and a balcony with 1.00mX2.55m. Area: 10 m2 


Our family model for your family

Tiny House on wheels available in two models: basic and comfortable. Designed for housing and tourism and composed of a living room and attic with a small kitchen and restroom. Built in a total of 30 m², base of 20.4 m² with two additional lofts (5.75 m² and 4.6m²) at 3,95m of height over a 8.0 m by 2.55 m towing structure.


Sustainable Architecture Projects

BOXCODE designs healthy homes (and all types of buildings) that are sustainable, ecological, passive (passiv houses) and, of course, healthy. We create spaces with soul and identity, unique and welcoming. These are some of our eco-healthy projects:


A simple, minimalistic 1 bedroom tiny home

6.0m Long | 2.55m Wide | 4.0m High
Sleeps 1-2 people - ideal as a starter home or Retreat, a holiday Airbnb, remote workers, digital nomads community.

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Tiny Sun House

Are you thinking of building a Retreat or Gateway?                                 

This is the perfect house completely off the grid, it takes advantage of rainwater and is powered by photovoltaic panels.

The Tiny Sun House, a 100% Offgrid model, with ecological sanitation and 100% autonomous water and energy.

Tiny Sun House is also built with sustainable materials and can serve as a home for a family of four.

Because it is compact, this house uses less energy for heating and cooling. 

The structure is also equipped with LED lamps, as expected, wide windows – to facilitate the entry of light and fresh air – Solar panels may be applied.

The Tiny Sun House 100% Offgrid & Homestead living farm & Permaculture lifestyle.

Boxcode, Unipessoal Lda

Rua Lucinda Do Carmo Nº 20 e 22 2º A
2820-669 Charneca da Caparica

+351 916 181 342

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