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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the production time for a tiny house?
    The maximum period can be up to 6 months, but some models are delivered in 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Can I have a personalized tiny house?
    Yes, we are available to create new solutions, but a personalized tiny house always has a high added cost as it requires the execution of new studies and projects. In the models produced by our company, you can have some different finishes and equipment, as long as they have the same dimensions and do not reduce the quality of the tiny house, with the cost always being adjusted, case by case. These changes must always be communicated before the award date.
  • What is the lifespan of a tiny house?
    The expected lifespan of a tiny house is around 30 to 40 years, but it needs regular maintenance, like any traditional house.
  • How are water and electricity connections made?
    All tiny houses have pre-installation of water and electricity and can receive offline and offgrid systems, which we provide as Extras. Fixed tiny houses can also be connected to public supply networks, with these works being the client’s responsibility.
  • Can I integrate a fireplace or stove into a tiny house?
    Yes, but you must inform us before the award date. The chosen equipment and its placement are considered Extras.
  • What is a tiny house?
    Tiny house is a small house also referred to as a micro house, generally less than 40m2.
  • What are the dimensions of a tiny house?
    The dimensions of our tiny houses vary depending on the model, but the length is between 6 and 8 meters, the width is 2.5 meters and the maximum height is 3,950 meters, including the trailer.
  • How heavy is a tiny house?
    Our tiny houses have a maximum gross weight of 3.5 tons, including the trailer and all equipment.
  • Can I have a tiny house on a rustic plot of land?
    Construction on rustic land is generally prohibited or subject to restrictions, especially when it falls within a REN (National Ecological Reserve) or RAN (National Agricultural Reserve).
  • What type of vehicle is needed to drive with a Tiny House?
    A vehicle with the capacity to tow 3,500kg is needed, with the combination never exceeding 6,000kg.
  • What driving license is needed to drive a tiny house?
    You need a Category B Driving License with an endorsement to qualify for the B+E segment.
  • Tiny houses need a license?
    Yes, tiny houses need a license, depending on what the house will be used for.
  • Where do I apply for a license for a fixed tiny house?
    You must request a license for your fixed tiny house at the local City Hall, within the scope of the Urbanization and Building Legal Regime, RJUE, as any construction that is incorporated into the ground on a permanent basis has the same legal framework, be it traditional, modular or prefabricated.
  • A fixed tiny house pays IMI?
    Yes, a fixed tiny house is included in the Municipal Property Tax Code, IMI, in the group “buildings and constructions of any nature” incorporated into the territory or based on it, on a permanent basis, as long as it is part of the assets of a natural or collective person and, under normal circumstances, has economic value.
  • A tiny house on wheels pays IMI?
    If a tiny house on wheels is used for non-transitory purposes and is located in the same location for a period of more than one year, it is presumed to be permanent and, therefore, also subject to IMI payment.
  • Should a tiny house on wheels that runs on the road be insured?
    Yes, a tiny house on wheels being drived on the road must have valid car insurance, just like any other vehicle.
  • Where do I apply for a permit for a tiny house on wheels?
    For a mobile tiny house being able to travel on the road, its owner must request its legalization through a process similar to that of a motorhome, at the Institute of Mobility and Transport, IMT.
  • How to pay for a tiny house?
    All payments are made by bank transfer and we can make up to 3 instalments, the first being made upon award and the last must be made up to 3 days before delivery.
  • What is the warranty period for a tiny house?
    The tiny houses and trailers produced by our company comply with current legislation, 36 months. But we work with European partners who only provide a 24-month warranty.
  • Do you deliver a tiny house to the address I indicate?
    Yes, we deliver, but first you must ensure that the roads or paths allow the truck to circulate and perform maneuvers, as well as that there are no uneven floors, walls, trees or other obstacles.
  • What is the delivering cost of a tiny house?
    The cost varies depending on the model. Whenever possible, we indicate this value in the proposal or as soon as possible before delivery.
  • Do I need to prepare the land before the delivering of the tiny house?
    Yes, it is the customer's responsibility to have an area prepared with a smooth base to receive the tiny house.
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